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I chose to use DivX to compress all the video clips because it is very easy to use, and the quality is excellent in a small file size.

You will need DIVX to watch these videos. Click HERE to download it FREE!

These are some video clips off aluminum being cut on the X3 ballscrew kit. These all taken using a 1/2" HSS 2-flute end mill, a slightly dull one at that. I was only using the jog keys to make these cuts, not a G-code program.


If you look at the quill lock in this first video, you will notice I forgot to lock it.... Kit #4

VIDEO2 Kit #4


Kit #4

VIDEO4 Kit #4


Kit #4

VIDEO6 Kit #4

Kit #4

VIDEO8 Kit #4
VIDEO9 Kit #4
VIDEO10 Rapid air moves
VIDEO11 Rapid air moves
VIDEO12 Rapid air moves
VIDEO13 Z-axis rapid moves 24 IPM
VIDEO14 Z-axis rapid moves 24 IPM
VIDEO15 Z-axis rapid moves 24 IPM
VIDEO16 Z-axis rapid moves 24 IPM
VIDEO17 Z-axis rapid moves 24 IPM