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Here are installation instructions for the X2 standard minimill kit. The X-Y mounting is a little different for the ballscrew upgrade, you can read those installation instructions HERE..


Remove the Y axis handwheel, handle block & Y axis screw. DO NOT REMOVE THE Y AXIS BRASS NUT. Keep the original Y axis cap screws, you will use them later. Remove the small plate at the left end of the table, thats opposite the X axis handwheel. You will not need the two screws that hold this plate in place, you will use 6mm cap screws that come with the kit.

Attach the X axis motor mount OPPOSITE the handle end . Attach the aluminum coupling to your X axis motor, then fit the motor to the mount while sliding the coupling onto the X axis screw. Tighten the coupling to the X axis screw, and use the cap screws that hold the motor. You should leave the four motor screws a little loose until you run the table back and forth a couple times, so you can tweak the position to line up exactly with the leadscrew.
Step3 Assemble the Y axis as shown in these photos, Components, everything on the screw, assembled with motor mount. Next, thread the Y axis screw back into the brass nut under the saddle. When you get it in far enough, push the table back toward the column until you are able to use the two 6mm cap screws you removed with the handle, and secure the Y axis motor mount.
Step4 Remove the Z-axis fine feed, spoked handle, and the splined shaft the engages the rack. Use the Z gib lock to make sure the head doesn't slide down the column, and remove torsion arm, or gas spring depending on which type of counter-weight your mill has. Remove the plastic stop at the top of the column, its what keeps the head from coming off the column. Now lift the spindle head until it is in THIS position.
Step5 DO NOT DISASSEMBLE THE Z-AXIS BALLSCREW MOUNT. It is put together with a heavy pre-load on the thrust bearings, if you take it apart, you will need to put a lot of pressure on the locking collar to get a good preload again. Using the two 5mm screws from the fine feed mechanism, secure the Z-axis ballnut block to the side of the head. The top part of the Z-axis will be sticking up in the air at this point. Now use the 12mm screw that came with the kit to secure the ballnut block from inside the spindle head. Just snug all screws up at this point, you will tighten everything once we know there is no binding.
Step6 Slide the head down SLOWLY, until the Z-axis motor mount is resting on the top of the column. Now use the screw that held the platic stop at the top of the column to secure the Z-axis motor mount.
Step7 You now need to drill two holes in the column to finish securing the Z-axis motor mount. You have two options, ONE: drill 1/4" holes and use the 6mm nuts and cap screws, or TWO: drill and tap the two hole with a 6mm tap. Its your choice. I chose to tap the holes, it looks a little cleaner, and a 6mm tap is only a couple dollars.
Step8 With the motor mounts all in place, its time to mount your motors & tighten couplings.
Run the X table back and forth until you feel there is no binding, then tighten everyting down. Repeat this step with the Y, and then the Z axis. For the Z axis, you will need to remove the three 6mm screws in the column and lift the head so you can tighten the 12mm screw from inside the head.
Step10 Here are some photos for reference.