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Here are assembly photos and instructions for the X1 micromill kit. Each step is linked to a photo, except step 1.



Remove all hand wheels & handle blocks, so all you have is each axis screw sticking out. Keep the screws from the X & Y axis handle block. You will use them later. There should be two screws per axis. I also reccomend at this point, you test fit the motor couplings to each axis screw. On our mill, they were a VERY tight fit. We had to sand the .312 diameter on the end of each screw lightly to make them slide on easily. Just hold each screw in a hand drill, and sand it gently with some sand paper while you spin it. It doesn't take much.

Put a thrust bearing on the Z axis screw as shown in this photo it goes thrust washer, then ball retainer, then another thrust washer to make a complete thrust bearing.
Step3 Next, slip the Zaxis mount over the Z axis screw as shown, then put another thrust bearing on the Zaxis screw. At this point, you may need to thread the Zaxis screw up or down so that the two bolt holes in the motor mount line up with the holes in the column.
Step4 Next put one of the shaft collars on the Z axis screw as shown. Press down on the collar while you tighten the screw. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN! the cap screw is small and you might pop the head of it if over tightened.
Step5 Next put one of the .312 bore couplings on the Z axis screw as shown. Including the rubber insert.
Step6 Put one of the 1/4" bore couplings on a stepper motor or servo as shown.
Step7 Now put your stepper motor in place as shown. You may have to re-position the coupling slightly if the motor bottoms out, or if the couplings are not close tegether.
Step8 Now use two of the M4 cap screws that came with your kit to hold the motor on as shown, don't tighten them down yet, just snug them up.
Step10 For the X and Y axis the procedure is exactly the same. First put on a thrust bearing, then the mount, then another thrust bearing, then a shaft collar, then motor coupling, and stepper motor. I found it easier to lay the mill on it back as shown in this photo when mounting the X-Y axis. Use the original cap screws to bolt the X&Y mounts to the table. Congradulations! Your done!
  Another view of how the X-Y motor mounts go on.
  Another bottom view.
  Upper view of everything mounted.
  X & Y axis mounted.
  Top down view of X & Y axis.
  Right side view of X & Y axis.
  Left hand view of X & Y axis.
  Low front view of X & Y axis mounts. Notice I forgot to put in on of the Y screws. Oops.
  Isometric view of table.
  Over all view of completed retrofit.